AG has been helping CME clients succeed for more than a decade by generating online and live audiences for participation and completion of activities by reaching and recruiting more than 2 million physicians and allied health professionals in more than 35 medical specialties! AG also provides activity hosting on our award winning Audience Learning platforms and delivers CME to targeted clinicians throughout the United States and the World on every type of device including PC's, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Audience Generation

Audience Learning

Audience Engagement

Audience Experience

Audience Generation
Physician and Allied Health Professional Recruitment for Live and Online CME Activities by Geography and Specialty for Higher Level Data-Rich Outcomes

We target the right learners for your live and online activities by reaching and engaging our network of more than 2.1 Million physicians and allied health professionals including PA’s, NP’s, Nurses and Pharmacists domestically and internationally. We also leverage our wide-ranging inventory of digital assets and partnerships to help you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message for your live or online CME activity.

AG can target any geography and any AMA specialty with more than 35 physician and allied health specialties served. Many of our competitors only provide recruitment for live or online CME. We offer audience generation services for both live meetings and online CME activities as well as specialized advisory services at the most effective rate in the industry to generate grant dollar efficiency for our clients.

Our customized campaigns are based on your accredited content and we understand your medical education sponsors and supporters want you to perform campaigns in a compliant manner, meet legitimate educational needs and generate maximum audience attendance, participation, completion and views for your live and online activities in order to achieve higher level data rich outcomes. AG understands the importance of each of these goals and has been delivering successful campaigns for more than a decade for our clients.

We also understand that your sponsors and supporters expect to receive timely reporting for each activity. AG monitors campaign success by providing weekly conference calls, activity participation updates, and on demand digital progress reporting for comprehensive and complete campaign transparency.

Home  Audience Learning

Audience Learning
Hosting Solutions for Education and Training Activities Providing Flexible, Scalable and Mobile-Optimized Content Delivery, On Demand Measurement & Data-Rich Outcomes Reporting

AG offers a wide variety of easy-to-use hosting options that work with any kind of educational design you require to deliver content to your audience on demand.

Our proven award winning technology is developed using HTML 5 for responsive web and mobile browsing and ensures that your CME is easily accessible and optimized for learners whether they are using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone or any operating system including Apple, Android and Windows so that your educational content is available any time, any where in the world and on any device or operating system.

Our hosting solution is customizable for branding and configured to accept any form of educational content and media type including: video and interactive Q&A, audio narrated slide presentations, series-based learning, downloadable tools, linear case studies, and textual reports.

AG provides a 24/7 fully supported hosting solution backed by a dedicated team consisting of experienced project managers, expert programmers, creative and graphic design team members to create a cohesive, integrated and professional learning experience for your audience.

Our technology also delivers electronic and printable certificate fulfillment and the ability to generate participation and outcomes reporting in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

Audience Generation  Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement Research & Analytics
Actionable and Measurable Research Solutions to Leverage Big Data, Optimize Needs Assessments, and Generate Meaningful Post Activity Outcomes for Maximum Impact

Information is power and AG offers you data gathering and audience engagement research services to help your ideas and educational activities to come to life and succeed. Your medical educational sponsors and supporters need to know that you are meeting legitimate educational needs as well as making a positive impact on the learners we deliver your education to for each and every live or online activity.

AG can help you gather additional data or strategically use existing data to assist you with securing grant funding. Our primary research and data analysis may enable you to justify why your activity will ultimately improve patient outcomes. Our qualitative and quantitative services include surveys, focus groups, specialized primary and secondary research, and detailed outcomes reporting. Our team can be a resourceful extension of your team at any time on demand and as necessary to help you win new grants and continue to grow your business in 2016 and beyond.

We have been successful at utilizing and applying research and turning big data into meaningful outcomes and results. Our team is on the leading edge of the quality and performance improvement revolution and the use of electronic medical records for novel medical education applications that provide actionable and measurable clinical outcomes and results.

Whether you are partnering with us for audience generation, or hosting an activity on our Audience Learning platform, or leveraging our deep bench of qualitative and quantitative research, we are 100% committed to providing a level of detailed information that will meet and exceed the expectations of your activity’s sponsors and supporters.

Audience Learning  Audience Experience

Audience Experience
Our Strategic Planning, Production, Logistics and Destination Experience Management Solution for Domestic or International Retreats, Conferences, Symposia, Meetings, or Events

We can provide your organization with strategic, tactical or a comprehensive meeting experience solution to help make your next event a success. Our mission is to help you plan and succeed at delivering an exceptional educational experience for your audience of learners domestically or internationally.

AG offers event production, meeting planning, destination experience management, logistics management, activities management, transportation management, and public relations management services to clients ranging from MECC’s, national and international medical societies and associations through pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

If you are interested in learning specific details about the services we provide or to receive a proposal for your next event please contact us at 855-276-6855 or email us at for more information.

Audience Engagement  Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

Audience Generation is about building relationships. We believe that by dedicating ourselves to open communication, creativity and collaboration will follow. We could tell you that we’re solutions oriented, but it doesn’t mean much unless those solutions are successful, consistent, and built to last (which they are).

Not only do we listen, we learn. By constantly developing knowledge, we’re able to improve engagement with your audience on a level that was even better than before. Our belief in this cutting edge train of thought is what makes our exclusive campaign methods so rewarding and memorable. AG is not just a team of thinkers; we’re also exceptional doers.

We’ve got to be honest, we’re also super competitive. Without the hunger to do and be the best, we would just be a group of starving people (and nobody likes an empty stomach). Audience Generation thrives on the energy that comes from constant and never ending improvement, fueled by innovation and a hard working fire in our bellies.

Home Why AG

Why AG

Audience Generation is an agency focused on precision advertising, marketing, and technology. Our solutions reduce costs, optimize effectiveness, and produce measurable results with a clear return on investment. In short: we’re really good at getting a lot of people to love you.

Leveraging the convergence of traditional and new media, Audience Generation sends the right message to the right audience by utilizing the appropriate channels. Some agencies might waste money and time by reaching out to the wrong demographic using unnecessary platforms, but AG is not one of them.

We embrace frequency of message and deploy integrated multi-modal campaigns in order to enhance the live customer experience. Audience Generation understands that doing the same thing forever isn’t practical, and so we appreciate the demand to innovate the way you reach and convert your customers so that they will continue to return.

AG understands your audience DNA. We develop actionable creative ideas, strategic planning and tactics in order to measure the results for return on your investment. Audience Generation works to refine campaigns for maximum momentum, optimized engagements, and a growing ecosystem for your following where they exist as a live, online, social, and mobile audience.

Our Manifesto Advertising


  • Be seen and Be Heard. Reach Online and Offline Communities.
  • Strategic Research and Planning
  • Branding
  • Integrated Campaign Ideation
  • Graphic Design
  • Identify Systems and Collateral
  • Print, Web, Mobile, Social and Digital Creative
  • Media Strategy, Planning, Buying and Placement
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Premium Partnership Negotiations
  • Broadcast (Radio, Film, TV, Digital Documentary)

Why AG Marketing


  • Let Us Show You the Way. Engage Your Best Prospects.
  • Strategic Planning, Research, Testing, and Analytics to Help You Reach Your Audience with the Right Message
  • Direct to Audience Marketing, Recruiting and Promotion
  • Direct Marketing Including Email, Online, Social and Mobile Marketing
  • Consumer Relationship Management
  • Search Engine Optimization and Measurement
  • Social Media Design, Activation and Optimization Campaigns
  • Event Marketing
  • Experiential Campaign Ideation, Development and Deployment – From food and music festivals, health and wellness classes, trade shows, corporate training and educational activities to made for TV contests – the experiences we create and market are unforgettable including:
  • Grassroots Marketing, Mobile Tours, Product Sampling, Sponsorship Activation, Street Teams, Brand Champion Development, Activation, and Management

Advertising Public Relations

Public Relations & Strategic Communications

Audience Generation knows that you’re great, but we’re also good at making sure everyone else knows it, too. We have the connections, tools, knowledge, understanding, and professionalism in order to handle your PR. Need to prepare for an event months ahead or release a notice last minute? AG can handle it. From photos to press releases, Audience Generation is prepared to tackle any task.

  • Strategic Film, TV, Video, Radio, Print, Online and Mobile Channel Publicity
  • Media Relations and Placement
  • Experiential Publicity Campaigns
  • Premium Blogger Media Relations and Programs
  • Original Photography and Video Production
  • Talent Acquisition & Strategic Introductions
  • Editorial Services (Press Materials, Speeches, Bylines, Op-Eds, Promotional Copy)
  • Events, Seminars, Conferences, and Trade Shows for Live Activation Publicity
  • City, State, National and International Focused Media Relations
  • Corporate, Employee, and CEO Communications
  • Product and Service Publicity
  • Digital/Social Media Strategy, Execution, and Curation
  • Social Media Activation, Listening, Insights, and Audits
  • Media Training
  • Crisis Communication
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Campaign Strategy and Development
  • Campaign Monitoring and Measurement
  • New Office Launches
  • Press Conferences
  • Change Management
  • Branding and Brand Management

We can help you get your voice heard by millions. AG has helped our clients reach their audience in print, and on radio, TV, film, online videos and mobile devices in the United States and around the World. Let us help you reach your target audience, with the right publicity at the right moment to build and grow your brand awareness.

Marketing Technology


  • Game-Changing Technologies. Measured, Tracked and Successful
  • Landing Page, Microsite, Website, and Content Management Systems Solutions
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
  • Custom Learning/Training Content Management Systems
  • Social Media Integration and Campaigns
  • Event Management and Custom Registration Platforms
  • E-Commerce
  • Custom Social Media Applications and Integrations

Public Relations

Learning & Training Solutions

Audience Learning offers a customized learning management system with innovative modules that enable you to develop, deliver, manage, measure and report on educational and training initiatives and campaigns for your classroom, institution, association, organization, event or specialized needs. Our comprehensive, cost-effective education platform can help you educate your audience online and on mobile devices wherever they exist. We integrate your branding with your education to create a seamless experience for your audience of learners.

Audience Learning has produced winning education platforms, content and marketing campaigns for companies across a wide variety of industry verticals around the World. We use a strategic approach that is actionable and measurable and based on best practices in the online and mobile education industry. We help you well-beyond the launch of the education platform to maximize site visits, increase audience conversion to certificate or educational activity completion and drive social conversation that helps drive increased participation. Our goal is to help you win and build a long-term business relationship that is mutually beneficial for you and your learners, customers and partners.

Racing To Give
Creating a Better World, One Race at a Time.
Giving to Support Programs 
in Education, Healthcare, and Dignity through the Arts.

At Audience Generation, it inspires us to advance the health of the communities where we live and work, and make the world a healthier place through racing and giving. Our unwavering commitment to making the world a healthier and better place is at the heart of our racing and giving and we hope to make a difference one step at a time.

We fulfill our mission by participating in a wide variety of endurance races from climbing the steps to the top of the Empire State Building, running the Boston and New York City Marathon, swimming across the San Francisco Bay through giving campaigns that deliver community-based, national, and international solutions to education and healthcare challenges and supporting causes that enable others to achieve dignity through the arts.

We focus in four strategic areas: education, saving and improving the lives of women and children, preventing disease among the most vulnerable, and helping others find dignity through the arts. Together with our partners and our team, we are committed to seeking ways to contribute to life-changing, long-term differences in human health, and doing what we can to help families survive, thrive and grow.