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Audience Generation™ is a global provider of integrated marketing, advertising, and technology solutions that offer a new way to find, generate, and engage live, online, and mobile audiences on demand.

We create the experiences, products, platforms, and content that help you reach your audience, and deliver winning campaigns to build meaningful relationships leading to growth, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

Audience Generation is about building relationships. We believe that by dedicating ourselves to open communication, creativity and collaboration will follow. We could tell you that we’re solutions oriented, but it doesn’t mean much unless those solutions are successful, consistent, and built to last (which they are).

Not only do we listen, we learn. By constantly developing knowledge, we’re able to improve engagement with your audience on a level that was even better than before. Our belief in this cutting edge train of thought is what makes our exclusive campaign methods so rewarding and memorable. AG is not just a team of thinkers; we’re also exceptional doers.

We’ve got to be honest, we’re also super competitive. Without the hunger to do and be the best, we would just be a group of starving people (and nobody likes an empty stomach). Audience Generation thrives on the energy that comes from constant and never ending improvement, fueled by innovation and a hard working fire in our bellies.

Home Why AG

Why AG

Audience Generation is an agency focused on precision advertising, marketing, and technology. Our solutions reduce costs, optimize effectiveness, and produce measurable results with a clear return on investment. In short: we’re really good at getting a lot of people to love you.

Leveraging the convergence of traditional and new media, Audience Generation sends the right message to the right audience by utilizing the appropriate channels. Some agencies might waste money and time by reaching out to the wrong demographic using unnecessary platforms, but AG is not one of them.

We embrace frequency of message and deploy integrated multi-modal campaigns in order to enhance the live customer experience. Audience Generation understands that doing the same thing forever isn’t practical, and so we appreciate the demand to innovate the way you reach and convert your customers so that they will continue to return.

AG understands your audience DNA. We develop actionable creative ideas, strategic planning and tactics in order to measure the results for return on your investment. Audience Generation works to refine campaigns for maximum momentum, optimized engagements, and a growing ecosystem for your following where they exist as a live, online, social, and mobile audience.

Our Manifesto Advertising


  • Be seen and Be Heard. Reach Online and Offline Communities.
  • Strategic Research and Planning
  • Branding
  • Integrated Campaign Ideation
  • Graphic Design
  • Identify Systems and Collateral
  • Print, Web, Mobile, Social and Digital Creative
  • Media Strategy, Planning, Buying and Placement
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Premium Partnership Negotiations
  • Broadcast (Radio, Film, TV, Digital Documentary)

Why AG Marketing


  • Let Us Show You the Way. Engage Your Best Prospects.
  • Strategic Planning, Research, Testing, and Analytics to Help You Reach Your Audience with the Right Message
  • Direct to Audience Marketing, Recruiting and Promotion
  • Direct Marketing Including Email, Online, Social and Mobile Marketing
  • Consumer Relationship Management
  • Search Engine Optimization and Measurement
  • Social Media Design, Activation and Optimization Campaigns
  • Event Marketing
  • Experiential Campaign Ideation, Development and Deployment – From food and music festivals, health and wellness classes, trade shows, corporate training and educational activities to made for TV contests – the experiences we create and market are unforgettable including:
  • Grassroots Marketing, Mobile Tours, Product Sampling, Sponsorship Activation, Street Teams, Brand Champion Development, Activation, and Management

Advertising Public Relations

Public Relations & Strategic Communications

Audience Generation knows that you’re great, but we’re also good at making sure everyone else knows it, too. We have the connections, tools, knowledge, understanding, and professionalism in order to handle your PR. Need to prepare for an event months ahead or release a notice last minute? AG can handle it. From photos to press releases, Audience Generation is prepared to tackle any task.

  • Strategic Film, TV, Video, Radio, Print, Online and Mobile Channel Publicity
  • Media Relations and Placement
  • Experiential Publicity Campaigns
  • Premium Blogger Media Relations and Programs
  • Original Photography and Video Production
  • Talent Acquisition & Strategic Introductions
  • Editorial Services (Press Materials, Speeches, Bylines, Op-Eds, Promotional Copy)
  • Events, Seminars, Conferences, and Trade Shows for Live Activation Publicity
  • City, State, National and International Focused Media Relations
  • Corporate, Employee, and CEO Communications
  • Product and Service Publicity
  • Digital/Social Media Strategy, Execution, and Curation
  • Social Media Activation, Listening, Insights, and Audits
  • Media Training
  • Crisis Communication
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Campaign Strategy & Development
  • Campaign Monitoring and Measurement
  • New Office Launches
  • Press Conferences
  • Change Management
  • Branding and Brand Management

We can help you get your voice heard by millions. AG has helped our clients reach their audience in print, and on radio, TV, film, online videos and mobile devices in the United States and around the World. Let us help you reach your target audience, with the right publicity at the right moment to build and grow your brand awareness.

Marketing Technology


  • Game-Changing Technologies. Measured, Tracked and Successful
  • Landing Page, Microsite, Website, and Content Management Systems Solutions
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
  • Custom Learning/Training Content Management Systems
  • Social Media Integration and Campaigns
  • Event Management and Custom Registration Platforms
  • E-Commerce
  • Custom Social Media Applications and Integrations

Public Relations


Not sure how to showcase? Audience Generation knows how to find your audience, get them interested, and make them connect to your brand amongst all of the others. Live activation is increasingly important, not less so in the digital age. Your audience has so many information resources to make decisions about buying a product or service from you. Meeting your audience in person and engaging them with the right message and experience is more important than ever to generate the right type of word of mouth marketing that can position your brand above the rest for growth and loyalty.

Audience Generation can help you tell your story with live activation events in any setting. We can even help you create everything for the event. CVS Caremark was looking for a way to promote their new Minute Clinic brand and we helped them create a compelling experience that utilized a contest, a mobile application and automated way to experience the Minute Clinic brand for the first time at the TedMed conference in San Diego.

AG gets your audience excited. It’s not enough just to catch their eye, AG knows how to keep them positive and upbeat so that they have a reason to stick around.

You are more than just a brand. You have a lot to offer, and your fans are waiting for their front row seats. AG knows how to fill the seats for a concert, a sporting event, a media day, a store opening or new product launch and make sure your audience doesn’t get bored. We help you create the best possible experiences that lead to audience growth and loyalty.

Images are everywhere. They intrigue us, and they get us to stare. Is your audience staring in awe?

Audience Generation can help you create that "awe" by developing display advertising that will not only engage your audience but cause them to act. Billboards, signage, and digital kiosks we can handle any task from creative, copywriting to finding the right vendor for your display ads. Most importantly, we will help you place your ad in the right location, to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message to influence their decision to choose you!

Audience Generation has filled conference, trade show, corporate and educational meeting seats of every type for more than a decade. We work with partners who have information to share but need an audience to listen or the right experience to activate their brand message in the live setting. Audience Generation will help you fill the seats, create an experience that is meaningful for the attendee and help you manage the logistics and messaging for a successful event.

Audience Generation has helped brand activation tools like food trucks, corporate vehicles, and a variety of activation points companies use to display a message and branding to their audience. What is your message and how can we help you reach your audience with interesting experiences that enable you to engage them where they exist on the road, sidewalk, street, music festival, food event, or any other interesting campaign.

Audience Generation can help you captivate an audience with your message. From street teams to grassroots marketing at outdoor festivals and events. The event may have a lot of people but how are you going to harness those eyeballs and get them to listen? Let us help you make your next big event a success.


“Creativity without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising” #ProfJefRichards

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” #BillBernbach

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” #HenryFord

Audience Generation is a full-service agency that has handled an array of projects from ideation, concept, through execution and launch. No matter what label you place on your project we are sure to help you figure it out and develop an idea that leads to an audience. We know that the World is full of ideas, but we are expert at ideas that help you generate an audience on demand. Reaching your audience online takes research, strategy, and optimization. Whether it’s organic or paid search, video advertising, ad buying or placement or getting the right message to your target audience resulting in a high return on spend using our comprehensive network of ad partners, we are prepared to help you win.

Reaching your online audience still involves email marketing and we have delivered millions of email massages for our customers during the past decade. From the ideation, development, delivery and tracking of custom newsletters or ad placement within partner newsletters we can help you reach your audience inbox and make sure the mail you put in your audiences' inbox makes an impact for your brand. If you are starting from scratch that’s not a problem. We are able to get your message to the right inbox with our large database and media partnerships and if you have a list, help you optimize it with best practices for growth and increased opens and click through.

We know your audience is using mobile devices more than ever to purchase goods and services. However, online commerce is still the gold standard. Let us help your team maximize your online presence for commerce. From the development of your platform from scratch through optimization of an existing one. We can be the partner you turn to for online sales success. Your audience is looking for a way to engage and buy from you online. Are you ready for the sale?

Most companies understand how to reach domestic audiences but have no experience reaching international ones. Audience Generation can help your international online presence. The team at Audience Generation can help you properly convey your domestic message in a foreign language. With experience creating campaigns in Asia, Europe, and South America we can help you choose the right platform and clear message to win over your international online audience.

Audience Generation delivers search engine optimization campaigns based on careful research and site analysis. From link building, key-worded content development, and the utilization of best practices that are measured and optimized for constant and never ending improvement we have you covered. Let AG help you make it easier for your online audience to find you!


“By definition, remarkable things get remarked upon” #Seth Godin

“People spend money when and where they feel good” #WaltDisney

Audience Generation helps you find, reach and communicate with the right audience with content designed to engage your audience and build meaningful relationships with your customers. We help you establish a social brand presence and make valuable impressions despite shrinking attention spans.

  • AG’s Social Capabilities:
  • Community Management
  • Content Development, Seeding and Distribution
  • Customized Social Media Measurement
  • Influencer Outreach and Activation
  • Paid Social Media Planning and Buying
  • Social Listening, Insights and Audits
  • Social Strategy

Audience Generation can help you create digital and mobile-first experiences that leverage social media and the rise of the phone as first content and decision making source to most consumers. Your audience wants to find you on the go. Are you there to meet them? If so, let us help you optimize and grow your current footprint. If not, let us work together to make that first experience a winning one that leads to long term engagement and loyalty.

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“Don’t find customers for your product. Find products for your customers” #Seth Godin

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” #LeonardoDaVinci

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it well enough yourself” #AlbertEinstein

61% of the population can change their mind about a brand if the brand offers opportunities for mobile access, mobile applications or purchase goods and services via smartphone.

Users of mobile devices buy 50% more than PC users!

Audience Generation helps you understand your buyer and how to persuade them to purchase your products, services or engage with your brand in the live, online, social or mobile setting.

  • Our Capabilities Include:
  • Digital Buyer Media
  • E-Commerce Optimization
  • In-Store Activations and Promotions
  • Mobile Shopping Solutions
  • Promotional Micro-site and Mobile App Development
  • Customized Audience Engagement Strategies, Solutions and Measurement
  • Focus Groups and Buying Behavior Reporting and Analysis

In 2014, the number of mobile Internet users who browse websites and access social networks via smartphones, will exceed 1.2 billion.

Audience Generation can help you take advantage of this trend with its advertising, marketing, public relations and technology services and solutions.

The amount of mobile Internet traffic is 15% of the total Internet traffic in the World!

Audience Generation can help ensure that your company has the right technology once your audience experiences your brand on their mobile device and make certain the cretive and copywriting helps you win their attention and loyalty.

Mobile search engines today are delivering a quarter of all search queries in the world! Let us help make sure you get found when people go looking!


Audience Commerce designs and builds comprehensive, cost-effective transactional websites and mobile applications to help you sell online and on devices. We integrate your branding with your commerce to create a seamless experience for your audience of customers.

After we design and build a new audience commerce platform or enhance your existing platform we help you reach your target audience with strategic marketing and compelling content to cause them to act and buy your goods and services.

Audience Commerce has produced winning e-commerce platforms, content and marketing campaigns for companies across a wide variety of industry verticals around the World. We use a strategic approach that is actionable and measurable and based on best practices in the online and mobile commerce industry.

We help you well-beyond the launch of a commerce platform to maximize site visits, increase audience conversion to sale and drive social conversation that helps drive increased commerce. Our goal is to help you win and build a long-term business relationship that is mutually beneficial for you and your customers

Learning & Training Solutions

Audience Learning offers a customized learning management system with innovative modules that enable you to develop, deliver, manage, measure and report on educational and training initiatives and campaigns for your classroom, institution, association, organization, event or specialized needs. Our comprehensive, cost-effective education platform can help you educate your audience online and on mobile devices wherever they exist. We integrate your branding with your education to create a seamless experience for your audience of learners.

Audience Learning has produced winning education platforms, content and marketing campaigns for companies across a wide variety of industry verticals around the World. We use a strategic approach that is actionable and measurable and based on best practices in the online and mobile education industry. We help you well-beyond the launch of the education platform to maximize site visits, increase audience conversion to certificate or educational activity completion and drive social conversation that helps drive increased participation. Our goal is to help you win and build a long-term business relationship that is mutually beneficial for you and your learners, customers and partners.

Racing To Give

Creating a Better World, One Race at a Time.

Giving to Support Programs
in Education, Healthcare, and Dignity through the Arts.

At Audience Generation, it inspires us to advance the health of the communities where we live and work, and make the world a healthier place through racing and giving. Our unwavering commitment to making the world a healthier and better place is at the heart of our racing and giving and we hope to make a difference one step at a time.

We fulfill our mission by participating in a wide variety of endurance races from climbing the steps to the top of the Empire State Building, running the Boston and New York City Marathon, swimming across the San Francisco Bay through giving campaigns that deliver community-based, national, and international solutions to education and healthcare challenges and supporting causes that enable others to achieve dignity through the arts.

We focus in four strategic areas: education, saving and improving the lives of women and children, preventing disease among the most vulnerable, and helping others find dignity through the arts. Together with our partners and our team, we are committed to seeking ways to contribute to life-changing, long-term differences in human health, and doing what we can to help families survive, thrive and grow.

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